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How to Choose Indian Wedding Clothes

Western brides will traditionally wear white wedding clothes but the Indians normally wear Indian wedding clothes which are coloured red. To Indians, white is a representation of mourning in some areas of the world. The red colour for Indians is a sign of happiness and good luck.

Because the people in the country of India are divided in regions and religions, they have different beliefs and different Indian wedding clothes. Some of the common Indian wedding clothes are chametz, gaghra choli and the sari. The sari has been famous in the country of India and it is in fact one of the most common Indian wedding clothes.

You may have seen a sari because women wear it almost every day in the streets. Ghaghra is another type of Indian wedding clothing. It is described as the long skirt which comes with a short blouse and sometimes with a scarf too. The scarf is known as the dupatta which is draped around the chest of the bride.

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The shalwar chameez also has a dupatta which is wrapped around the chest. But in this type of Indian wedding clothing, the dupatta can be worn over the head and also around the neck of the bride. Indian wedding clothes can sometimes have a mixture of intricate patterns and some extra designs.

You have noticed that weddings from other countries wear too many accessories and jewelries. This has been very common and sometimes considered a must-have but for Indians, Indian wedding clothes should be simple without too much decoration and a bride should not have too much beadwork or bracelets because to them, it does not look formal.

Indian wedding clothes are made of fabric which has the purpose of reflecting light. Some of the Indian wedding clothes are made of chiffon, silk and satin. These reflect light and give a good impact to the Indian wedding clothes.

If you are in India, you may wish to apply a different style in your weddings such as beach wedding, garden wedding or other types of the wedding but your visitors especially the elders will always appreciate the traditional way. Personalizing your own wedding may be a good choice but you should first seek advice.

However, you can add simple accessories with Indian wedding clothes. Your guests will definitely love traditional attires and following the red motif for Indian wedding clothes can be the best choice. For Indian wedding decorations, you do not need too many decorations at all.

Flowers can be the best choice and it can be easily found. If you have your wedding fixed on a certain date, you should start planning out which Indian wedding clothes that you want. Choose the perfect colour or rather choose red. Look around for fresh flowers that you can buy.

You can buy in flower shops and ask for discounts. The flowers that you will choose will also depend on the colour of Indian wedding clothes that you will choose. Just remember that your Indian wedding clothes should be simple because as what they have said, simplicity is beauty.

But if you want it personalized, you can ask a designer to make special Indian wedding clothing for you. Another thing, Indian wedding clothes don’t need to be expensive.

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